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Making a bucket list of grubby stuff to do is easy. dirtgirl and scrapboy write down a challenge
and pop it in the grubby bucket and wait for the right time to ‘get grubby’.
And today’s the day.

Just how grubby can you get making a salad garden,
checking in to the worm hotel,
heading to a mud-pie bake off and having a seed ball?

And to top off the fun, scrapboy’s latest invention
has delivered a surprising result…
a new friend for new adventures in the big world outside.

This live action special invites families to do the same…
head outside and get grubby.
On average, Australian kids spend 50 hours a week in front of a screen,
and just 40 minutes outside.

It’s the perfect time for Get Grubby TV!

get grubby tv dirtgirl


Cutting through the white noise of issues affecting today’s families is a little girl with some big messages, like: “Live simply, sing loudly”.

dirtgirl is a multi award winning young Aussie whose love of being outside, growing healthy food and leading a simple, yet rewarding lifestyle is really resonating with kids and families both here in Australia and internationally.

An eco warrior for a new generation, dirtgirl is an independent music artist with multiple ARIA nominations, an Emmy, big numbers on Facebook and an International Song Writing Competition ‘Best kids song in the world’ award, amongst her achievements.

Following on from the success of her animated TV show ‘dirtgirlworld’ (now seen in 129 territories) dirtgirl has been busy finding new ways to help busy families lead a more fulfilling, less reliant life.

Amongst some cool websites, apps and games, dirtgirl has also recently launched an exciting new waste management/recovery/education program, a pre-school sustainability curriculum, and is preparing for an upcoming tour for the release of her 5th Album.

A new TV special is also set to air on December 5 – Get Grubby TV, starring dirtgirl, her best mate scrapboy and a very special guest.

dirtgirl’s love of nature is infectious and she invites you to join her in her world – dirtgirlworld – where nature first is second nature.


get grubby tv scrapboy


If you ask scrapboy who he is, he will tell you he’s a problem solving inventor and part time pirate. His obsession is the ‘three AArrrss’ – reducing, reusing and recycling.

An eco-geek, scrapboy loves making useful things from stuff people throw away. Whether it’s turning an old teapot into a string dispenser or making an old bike into a pedal powered juicing machine, scrapboy always finds a use for everything.

Co-starring along side his best mate dirtgirl in the Australian produced kids TV show ‘dirtgirlworldscrapboy is also a singer, whistler and a multi instrumentalist.

An Aussie role model for boys under 10 across the world, scrapboy is ‘always ready to help’ with a creative solution or two to an old problem.


get grubby tv costa the garden gnome


Costa is a concrete garden ornament.
He’s one of two garden gnomes,
the second is called Garth.

Costa and Garth are inwardly surprised to find themselves
‘special guests’ on an all new family TV special called
Get Grubby TV.

Garth isn’t big on surprises – he’s more the quiet type.

Costa on the other hand
is the kind of gnome that is all about
loving life in the great outdoors.
The sun, the wind, the rain and fresh air – lots of fresh air.

Costa never gets bored
because there’s always something to look at
and something to learn from in the garden.

Costa is deep thinking, yet excitable.
Set in the surreal lushness of dirtgirl’s real garden (from dirtgirlworld),
a split second decision
sends Costa on a major learning curve … bought to you by the letter ‘J”.

A message from Cate McQuillen

Co-Creator, Writer, Producer & Director of Get Grubby TV

Twenty-five years ago, Hewey Eustace was playing bass with young
blues hopeful Jeff Lang and I was belting out rock tunes in the revival of Hair.
Sounds ideal, but we had other dreams. We chose to pack our bags –
leaving Melbourne to head North for a simple life.
And there we have been, happily self-generating, singing songs, growing veggies
and occasionally having the odd good idea.

dirtgirlworld was a good idea … Get Grubby TV is another.

We are storytellers and, in our hearts, dirtgirlworld was always a big story.
A cross-platform extravaganza that told the story in as many places as possible.

We started with a CD, then an animated TV series that
has been broadcast in 128 countries;
add more music, some cool websites, a club where kids can
voice their love of our planet;
an app that shows you how to grow seeds
a range of organic seeds to go with it;
and a Facebook page that has peaked at a weekly reach of 50 million.

dirtgirl has been the national Tree Day Ambassador,
the Clean Up schools ambassador
and her picture is on the side of garbage trucks as we move viewing to doing
in the quest to influence a new generation.

And now we are hereGet Grubby TV.
The next step of the vision.
A LIVE ACTION family special that sees the characters move
from the UNREAL to the REAL!

Set in dirtgirlworld, a world of natural beauty
and a story world full of down to earth fun.
Get Grubby TV shares ‘stuff to do’ with families
for when they step out their doors into the great world outside.

When dreaming about Get Grubby TV,
Hewey and I always envisaged something truly beautiful.
A world that blended the real with the unreal, a world inhabited by characters
that celebrated life outside
and connected with children in a profound way.

We wanted to share our love and thoughts about the future of our planet,
from a hopeful and positive place and we wanted it to be fun…
and weird … and with great music.
Not ‘worthy and wholesome’ but layered with humour and joy.
We wanted characters with heart, that were real and genuine
and spoke directly to and engaged the children who tuned in …
what we wanted was live action with a twist.
We wanted it to be hands on … and grubby
… and we got it … in buckets.

The original dirtgirl and scrapboy characters
(Maree Lowes and Michael Balk) from the animated series
step out of the fantasy of animation into the real world.
And they are joined in Get Grubby TV by a special guest …
Costa the garden gnome. And what an awesome gnome he is.

It’s pure silliness and a bizarre art form,
blowing away convention and hopefully introducing
our audience to a rich visual palette which excites imaginations
and inspires action.

We want Get Grubby TV kids to take what they experience on TV,
step outside into their own equally fantastic and rich worlds and get amongst it.

We created and produced GGTV in regional NSW and have been involved up to our
eyeballs across all elements.
We have an awesome team of locals and Mick Jones Films
(who edited the animation series and brings a shared history
with the project that is priceless)
In total a core team of 25.

We encouraged everyone to come together in an endeavour
that was always focussed on creating excellence
for a generation of grubby nature buffs.

The team gathered in the paddock next to our house where we have
built dirtgirlworld for real … a living garden, dirtgirl’s verandah, pathways,
water tanks, windmills and fences.
It quickly filled with the birds and insects that call our home their home too.

The light is the sun, which also powers the whole production
via the solar panels on our headquarters roof.

We slept in tents and caravans, ate out of the garden and showered in rainwater.

At night, the solar lights twinkled and the stars bedazzled the sky,
the local community helped out in unimaginable ways
and we called for local kids who rocked, when it came to knowing nature,
to become a new generation of greenthumbs.

This is how I have always wanted to create.
Idyllic?  Yes!

We are creatively-driven positive dreamers, committed to the planet
and daring enough to believe we can change the world … just a little bit.
Get Grubby TV is an opportunity for us to be our best.

We protect what we love.
We hope that we inspire children to love going outside.
We hope that by instilling a love of the environment and a sense of empowerment,
this new generation becomes active carers of the planet,
creating a world where nature first is second nature.

Get Grubby TV provides us with an opportunity to do all this
through a family of beautiful characters, a memorable story
and great music that will rock planet earth.





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get grubby tv