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Release Your Inner Gnome

Do you like to sit and ponder? Wonder? Listen to the breeze In the leaves! Do you like to contemplate? Think about your fate? Maybe you're a gnome! Release your inner gnome this summer.  Grab a T-shirt and head out enjoy the wonder of the world.   Click here to begin...

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If you ask Costa the garden gnome who he is, he will tell until recently he was a concrete garden ornament. read more


If you ask scrapboy who he is, he will tell you he's an inventor and a part time pirate. He is obsessed with the 3 Arrrrssss…reducing reusing and recycling. He’s an eco geek. He loves taking the stuff you throw away and making it into useful stuff… like a...

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dirtgirl … If you ask dirtgirl who she is, she will tell you she's a muso and a grubster. She loves singing about the big word outside And she loves dirt. When it comes to dirt, she knows that if you make a little hole and pop a seed in it, that something amazing...

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Why did the chicken cross the road ?

To get to dirtgirlworld? To get grubby? To wish all the get grubby gang CHOOKAS for Friday? CHOOKAS? What is THAT? Well, it's the Australian way to say 'Break a Leg'! BREAK A LEG? Why would you want to say that?' Well, it's bad luck to say 'Good Luck' when to comes to...

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Looking for grubs

In August, we went on the hunt for some local kids to be part of Get Grubby TV. We asked them … "have you got the grub-factor?" Often the TV world celebrates kids who are awesome musicians or great at sport, but this time it was the kids who knew all about pumpkins,...

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