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dirtgirl … If you ask dirtgirl who she is, she will tell you she’s a muso and a grubster.

She loves singing about the big word outside
And she loves dirt.

When it comes to dirt, she knows that if you make a little hole and pop a seed in it,
that something amazing happens. It grows!
She also knows that that little seed needs sun and water to keep growing and
a bit of love and care from her can go a long way too.

She loves looking under rocks and rocking out.

She knows about the cycle of life … that she can eat what grows in her garden
and that her food scraps can rot into dirt again … and grow more food.

Seeds get collected, plants get mulched, worms get fed, flowers get picked
and she gets bugs.

This chicken-loving girl is at home outside.
Her joy for nature is infectious and she invites you to join her where nature
first is second nature.
An Eco warrior for a new generation, this Aria nominated performer has also
picked up ‘best kids song in the world’ at the ISC (that’s the International song
competition, to you). She has an animated tv series, a couple of cool websites,
a few apps, an online music show, a huge following Facebook and garbage
trucks covered in her big head and garden.

She knows that singing about what she loves is making a difference!