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If you ask scrapboy who he is,
he will tell you he’s an inventor and a part time pirate.
He is obsessed with the 3 Arrrrssss…reducing reusing and recycling.

He’s an eco geek.
He loves taking the stuff you throw away and making it into useful stuff…
like a pedal-powered juicing machine or a egg-omatic egg collector or a simple life hack, using bread tags to keep his lead sorted or a tea pot as a string dispenser.
He likes pushing the boundaries of his imagination , dreaming big-time and using his screwdriver.

scrapboy is a bit of a tool nut.
And that what makes him a big hit with boys under 10 across the world.
Oh, and his cool trike.

scrapboy lives in dirtgirlworld, next door to dirtgirl.
They are besties and hanging out together is unreal.

Right now he’s working on something big.
It’s hush-hush, top secret! … but what it is will revolutionise the way things have always been in dirtgirlworld.

He’s a fan of the bands that use instruments made out of rubbish and plays a mean trombone.